The Problem

Build a platform that curates current forex data, credible, trustworthy, forex analysis content, provides analysis chart tools for forex analysts, investors and generates business leads.

The Solution

  • Create a common platform for all analysis and investors allowing for communication, sharing forex analysis, and risk reward.
  • Create a chart tool with forex, crypto, commodity, indices live data.
  • Connect venues for both internal and external stakeholders to network, workshop and forex competition.

  • Client

  • UIUX Designer

    Alan Tang
  • Technology

    Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, React Native and React
  • Live project


Finlogix | Social Trading Web Application

We're incredibly proud of the Finlogix Social Trading Platform launch. Enjoy this mini case study of how we design them to break it down. Let’s quickly introduce the is a community blogging platform for financial markets, which help analysts to share ideas that are the benefit to traders and investors, together they can discuss trading techniques, experiences, forecasts, and rewards.